L2 - Individual Wildfire Home Hazard Assessment - The Woods

Wildfire Hazard Assessment for the Woods

The Woods Home Owners Association has been a participating partner with Hedgesville High School and the WV Firewise in the Classroom Project and its Firewise Grant by allowing students from the school conduct individual Wildfire Hazard Home Assessments in the community. Students from Hedgesville High School used GIS technology and aerial photography to rate over 2000 homes for the risk of Wildfire (L1) at The Woods Community and other Communities in West Virginia. The first Wildfire Hazard Home Assessments (L2) at the Woods Resort began in the fall of 2007. They have evaluated five sections and completed over 700 Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessments (L2) at The Woods. 73% of the homes assessed were rated High to Extreme. In 2008, WHOA applied for and received Firewise Community its first designation as a National Firewise Community.

Wildfire Hazard Reports - The Woods: Image summarizing the results of the submitted 2005 Wildfire Hazard Assessment conducted by the West Virginia Division of Forestry to the WHOA Board of Directors. The full reports are on file at WHOA Office (PDF file).

Level 2 Assessments at The Woods: See Section Maps with Woodland Home Wildfire Assessments below. Each section map below will display the Wildfire Hazard Assessment Score for homes in that section.

The Woods: Link to The Woods Community web site

The Woods Community Map:

Woods Map

Summary of all Wildfire Hazard Assessments:

Sections Total Extreme Very High High Moderate Low
Section 1 159 0 15 110 30 4
Section 2 145 3 21 85 33 3
Section 3 121 0 27 64 27 3
Walden Woods 146 1 16 86 39 4
Woods II 143 1 11 82 44 5
Totals 714 5 90 427 173 19
Percent 100 0 13 60 24 3

Section Maps with Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessments:

The Woods Community map shows the various sections in the Woods. Students at HHS have completed individual Wildfire Hazard Home Assessments over the last four years. Click on the section links below to open a Section Map with Wildfire Hazard Ratings for each home. It will give you the following information: # of homes assessed; # of homes and their aggregate fire risk score at Extreme, Very High Risk, High Risk, and Low to Moderate Risk and the AVERAGE SCORE for the assessed section.
The sections include: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Walden Woods, Woods II – Club House Ridge and East Wintercamp Trl., Woods II – Nemocolin Trl., Woods II – Rising Sun Rd

Other Sections and Golf Course maps and aggregate scores from these sections are the result of the 2005 random sample of 10% of homes in the Woods conducted by the WVDOF in the fall of 2004 and the resulting report submitted in 2005. The average Hazard Rating is the average score of the homes that were assessed in those sections as a part of the random sample.

The sample image below is an example of the individual Wildfire Hazard Home Assessments completed for each of the Sections of the Woods. The map on the right shows the individual Wildfire Hazard Home Assessment Ratings and below it are the aggregate scores referred to above.

Sample Map with Wildfire Hazard Home Assessment Ratings

Map at the upper left is a GIS Risk Assessment Map. It is a map that has been developed from GIS modeling techniques that were adapted to the student collected data to assess overall community risk. WVDOF staff worked with students to apply a weighed Density Surface Model (DSM) to the home L1 rating. The model shows the concentration of risk within the community based on the number of homes and their defensible space rating. The resulting map is a result of adding the DSM map to an air photo identifies the highest risk neighborhoods “Hot Spots”

The image to the right shows a map of the aggregate score for each home evaluated in the section.

Group with Ken
Ken Pekarek on site L2 Assessment Field Demonstration

Students with Roger
Rodger Ozburn (WVDOF) working with students during L2 Assessment

Students with Sun
Teacher Sun Schroyer with student evaluation team and Woods Homeowners

Group of Students
HHS Student’s who did L2 Assessments

Committee Members
WHOA Firewise Committee in April 2010
L to R: Jim Patterson, Don Bozanic, John Kinney, Dan Toland, Rodger Ozburn (WVDOF), Terry Mallett, Gene Ziegler

Additional Information

NOTE: The L2 Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessments for the referenced sections in the Woods Community were completed during the years of 2008 and the spring of 2011. The individual assessment scores on the maps represent the conditions of each individual property at the time the assessments were completed. The individual aggregate scores may have changed either up or down depending on what Firewise Mitigation efforts each homeowner has completed over the ensuing years. Each homeowner in the assessed sections can receive a copy of their individual L2 Woodland Home Wildfire Hazard Assessment. For more information on how you can receive your individual L2 Assessment call the WHOA office.