WV Firewise in the Classroom Curriculum

The Need for Firewise in the Classroom in West Virginia

The Firewise Community Assessment with AtlasGDS provides a unique, hands-on opportunity for students to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assess the wildfire risk of their community and to educate their community on steps that can be taken to reduce that risk. The new, simplified curriculum uses aerial photography on the Internet to complete a Wildfire Risk Assessment of homes in West Virginia. The curriculum has 11 lessons that can be completed in as little as 4 class periods using your schools PC lab. The curriculum is correlated to national and West Virginia Academic Standards in Geography and Science.

WV Firewise in the Classroom Curriculum available to view:

The following links download a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Readerto view.
  1. Introduction
  2. Lesson plans
  3. Transparencies
  4. Handouts
  5. Student Guide
  6. Student Guide 2 Timberline
  7. Answer Keys
  8. Sample Assessment Rubrics
  9. Teacher Resource Links
  10. Glossary

WV Firewise in the Classroom Curriculum Presentations to view:

  1. Introduction to Firewise in the Classroom
  2. Introduction to Firewise
  3. Level 1 Risk Assessment Process
  4. Hazard Assessment Process

WV Firewise in the Classroom:

West Virginia Firewise in the Classroom is modeled after Minnesota’s Firewise in the Classroom curriculum.

Technical Assistance available from: Ken Pekarek, GIS 4 Schools LLC

Student and teacher
Teacher helping student

Forester help
Forester and student review areas of risk